"Donate", Words echoed through the night at the Sept 30 These Cells Aint Loyal sickle cell fundraiser

"Donate", Words echoed through the night at the Sept 30 These Cells Aint Loyal sickle cell fundraiser

Panel discussion focused on the care of individuals living with SCD and their transition from pediatric to adult care. on March 27th at 5pm Reading "Donate", Words echoed through the night at the Sept 30 These Cells Aint Loyal sickle cell fundraiser 4 minutes

The Sept 2023 These Cells Aint Loyal sickle cell fundraiser went off beautifully.

It was a night of entertainment and education organized by Love & Fashion. Various community board organizations came together to bring awareness to this debilitating disease that affects and takes thousands of lives. The message of the night was to donate. Because of the many afflictions that are caused by this disease many individuals who suffer from sickle cell disease have to go through rounds of blood transfusions, which can alter a person's blood type over time and can also cause iron build up in the body. Some patients are getting blood transfusions weekly and at this rate the blood banks are in very low supply of blood. Yadira Navaro, director at the NY blood center, Ginger Davis the President of Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network and Tray Lover owner of Lover & Fashion Entertainment as well as the New York State Community Health Worker Coordinator for Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network were able to spread some light on the importance of blood donations in the black community. 1 person can save 3 lives by donating 1 pint of blood and you can make a difference. The knowledge shared by this event was definitely impactful but the night didn't stop there. In between teaching the crowd about the severity of sickle cell disease the audience had the pleasure of being entertained by some very talented music artists, designers and models who all got on stage as a community to bring awareness. This is a night that definitely changed many lives and hopefully helps to save thousands.

Visit your nearest blood center and save a life today.




Special thanks to everyone that was involved  in the creation and execution of this event.


Sponsored by Melanin Rych

Sponsored by On The Ave BK


Nicole owner and designer of Melanin Rych who was the event coordinator. 

Jevon Young, owner of Cease Discrimination movement who managed the front area of the event.

Shantel owner and designer of I am Chrisk K who managed the back of house area.

These individuals worked tirelessly over the months alongside Love & Fashion to bring this event  to life.


Hosted by Samantha 

Co host Bishop

Music by DJ Lite

Designs by Nicole, Melanin Rych

Designs by Shantel, I am Chris K

Designs by Marissa, Folktail

Makeup by Amber from SMB Studios

Makeup by Natural from Natural Touch Artistry 

Model Ashwani

Model Aliza

Model Alyssa

Model Anabel

Model Michael

Model Fever Faye

Model Gina

Model Jerome

Model Lashawna

Model Tenderly

Model Diore

Performance by Silhauette

Performance by Kennard

Performance by  Fever Faye.

Vendors Jenny from Organically Connected 

Food by Catered by Miriam

Photos by Ralphy 

Photos by DH Photography 

Lead Security Carl 

Security Shaquille 

Security Tevin

Volunteers from Nu Omega Chi Fraternity Incorporated, Richard Jean, Woody Gaston, Tyrone Gale and Maurice Meeks.

Volunteers from Candice’s Sickle Cell Foundation Taj Simon

Special thanks to the community board organizations that came out to represent their companies.

Ginger Davis president of Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network 

Candice Deler Owner of Candice’s Sickle Cell Foundation 

Queena Griffith Owner of the Amina K Foundation 

Pamela Owner of Too Bee Phenomenally 

Special Owner of Music Brings Life 


Yadira Navaro from the New York Blood Center

We had another guest speaker who unfortunately could not attend the event. A fellow sickle cell warrior and blood donor recipient, Nat Famous.